Tiberias Winner Marathon 9.1.2015 - General Info

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General Info


Information for Participants



Dear Runners,

For runners who registered for the 37th International Tiberias Winner Marathon, hear is information and guidelines for the race. There may be changes in the future, so please be aware of future messages.


Collecting bib numbers and gift bags:

There will be 2 distributions:

The first will take place at the Saucony shop at Ramat-gan, 8th Sheshet Hayamim St. (across Ayalon mall):
Start time
Wednesday 1/1/2014
Thursday 2/1/2014
Friday 3/1/2014


The second distribution of the bib number will be held at the Leonardo Plaza hotel in Tiberias on the following dates:




Wednesday 8/1/2014



Thursday 9/1/2014



Friday 10/1/2014



When receiving the bags, the participants must show identification.




Thursday 09/01/2014:

17:30 - Press Conference.
18:00 - Pasta Party only for marathon runners

Friday 10/01/2014 * Marathon Day
05:30-06:30 Complete distribution predicted numbers (against ID) and storing personal equipment at Leonardo Club Plaza hotel (Golden Tulip).
07:15 Checking starting point of the marathon
07:30 Start of the marathon.

07:50 Start of the 10km race

09:15 Start of the school kids 800m race

09:30 Start of the special olympic race
10:00 Awarding medals to the marathon male winners (general and Israeli's)

10:30 Awarding medals to marathon females winners (general and Israeli's)

10:45 Closing ceremony of the school race at the archiologyc park

11:30 Winners press conference.

13:30 Official closing of the marathon race and the closing ceremony marathon awards (lower floor in Leonardo Club Hotel).
In the case of a rainy day ceremonies will take place at the Leonardo Club (Golden Tulip).
* There may be schedule changes

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Drinking water stations and sponges for the marathon race
 Drink station will be in kilometers marathon the following:

5 km and WC

18 km and WC

32 km + WC+ sponge+ energy drink

8 km +sponge+ WC

 21.5 km+sponge+WC+ energy drink

35 km+ sponge+WC

10 km + sponge + WC energy drink

24 km +  WC

37 km  + WC

12 km + WC

 27 km+ sponge+WC+energy drink

 39.5 km+sponge+WC

15 km + sponge+WC+ energy drink

30 km +WC






All information on drinking Aizotoneime stations, sponges, and the WC will be on the map below attached to the program.


Drinks Aizotoneime(enegry drink)


Will be for the following times targets:

3:00:00, 3:15:00, 3:30:00. 3:45:00, 4:00:00, 4:15:00, 4:30:00, 4:45:00.

Determinants pace will be dressed in a bright vest with the target time registered.

 Advertising Results:
1. Race results will be published after the arrival of the runners on boards.
2. Diploma results appear on the marathon resultes site, and can be downloaded from the site.
3. You can see the results of the marathon's at the official website.



Notification of cancellation of participation in running must have a good reason. You must notify the Athletic Association before 1/12/2013. 


The Leonardo Club (formerly Golden Tulip) hosts the marathon runners and press commitees. The Leonardo Club will host the Press conference, pasta dinner, photo exibision and award ceremonies. The Leonardo Plaze will host the distribution of bib numers and gift bags. Runners can store thier belonging before the race at the Leonardo Club.International is the official organization responsible for the Tiberias Marathon. For more information and / or registration by telephone, please contact the company International phone 03-7610817.



Important procedures:
- Is not permitted to accompany the runners by bike or any motorized vehicles.
Cyclists on the marathon route will be kicked off by police inspectors.
- Each runner will receive an electronic chip (Chip), which he will run with. After running the chip must be returned to the chip collection point. Participants who stop running for some reason should also return the chip. Runner who will not return the chip will be charged an amount of 100 NIS.

-Registration is personally for you, it is NOT allowed to be forwarded to other participant, will result in disqualification.


These stalls will be available to runners, both on Wednesday and Thursday and will show their products while selling them at discounted prices.This year the Expo will be shown outside the hotel and will be avalible to all intrested. 


Closing of roads and parking of vehicles;
On Thursday, 10.1.13, from 6:00 am until 16:00 pm the following streets will be closed to traffic:

Galilee street and Habanim street in Tiberias

Tiberias road, Tzemach, and Ein Gev intersections will be closed to traffic (traffic police will be there to announce when traffic is allowed.)
Tiberias parking garage will be allowed at the Hagay beach parking lot and other parking locations.

 There will be many more updates on the information posted above. Additional information and updates can be found on the official International Tiberias Marathon:


We hope you enjoy sports racing atmosphere and wish you success in the race!

On this occasion the Marathon Organizing Committee of the 37th Winner Tiberias marathon would also like to invite you to the 38th.

Good luck to all participants!


Thank You 
Organizing Committee
37th Tiberias Winner Marathon

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