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Win(d) win situation
After a week of stormy weather, the sun shone for Tiberias Winner marathon, but strong winds the marathon runners. Kenyan Dominic Ondoro won the marathon. Ashete Bekere Dido won the woman category. Mamo Asrat and Ricky Salem are the new Israeli marathon champions


36th Tiberias winner marathon start minutes (phot

The weather was the main issue of an entire country this week, and yet also of runners for the marathon held today (Thursday) in Tiberias. This marathon morning the participants opened their room's window and ware a sunny smile on their faces, just like the one that swept through the blue sky. The prayers were answered, beaming weather marathon participants felt that after stormy week appeared behind us, the hope and optimism of these are only initial hint of things to come.
Haile Sateing, Israeli marathon record holder, retaired from profesional running not long ago, spent time early in the morning with several runners he is coaching on the course warming-up, noted that the weather was still cool, but expected to heat up. Knowing the wind is the No. 1 treath on marathon runners, Sateing noted that there is almost non.
At the beginning of the race about 30 runners from Kenya and Ethiopia cluster clear pelothon lead, although as the race kept on going the times did not look encouraging. At the half point the leaders time was approximately 1:04:45h.

Among the Israelis was the reigning champion Zohar Zimro who led safely and by far the Mamo Asrat. Webe Barihon and Gezachew Joseph were in the 3rd and 4th places but did not seem expected to go on a head to head fight competition between the Israelis.
In the female competition the semi-cluster point included a 15 women pelothon, pace of 1:21h which by then already ment a non course record result (2:34:17). Between Israel's woman Ricky Salem and Or Carmeli were first, and followed by Ya'ara Zangi (2011 winner).


The second half of the race looked completely different. Few runners from Kenya and Ethiopia left the big pelothon and open arrowhead. The first runners who dreamed of winning the grand prize (100 thousand dollars) for breaking the course record scampered to the finish line. Dominic Ondoro was the first to cross the finish line in exact 2:08:00h. Despite the disappointment felt by many, it should be noted that the winner's result is of very high quality. The 30 seconds separated the prestigious victory of Ondoro (improved his PB with 4:10min) prize of 20 thousand dollars and prevented him 80 thousand dollars more were still puddled in his pocket in case of victory with a course record. "This win is my first ever in a marathon. I would love to return to run here. The route is spectacular, flat and fast and I feel I can improve personal records here again," concluded Ondoro.
Five more runners crossed the finish line with a quick result than 2:10h. Ethiopian Deribe robi Melka came 2nd clocking 2:08:10h and improved his PB with exactely half a minute. Kenyan Francis kibiwott Larabal finished third in 2:08:31h. Ethiopian Raya dereje Tadesse finished fourth with 2:08:46h, improving his PB by 1:56min. Fellow countrymen Sisai lemma Kasaya and Kenyan Julius muriuki Wahome crossed the finish line with the same result of 2:09:08h. For Sisai The result is an improvement of 2:50min and for Wahome improvement of 1:03min.

In the Israeli national championship Zimro continued to lead before Asrat, while Gezachew ahead Barihon and seem to close the gap from Asrat. That is until Zimro retired from competition at the 35th kilometer. "I haven't come to the marathon full shaped," Zimro told and continued, "I allocated myself compliance outcome and when I saw that I will not stand to complete my mission, I decided to keep forces and retire." Understanding that his rival retired, Asrat grabbed the opportunity with both hands and surprised everyone with an Israeli victory and first national title outcome 2:22:28h (24 Place General) that gave him 15 thousand NIS. Barihon closed the gap from Gezachow, overtook him and finished second with 2:23:44h (26th place rules and prize money of 10,000 NIS). Joseph, opened much weaker than expected, finished third with 2:24:58h (cash prize of 7500 NIS). Mamo said at the press conference held after the event: "I'm not surprised from my win. I didn't come in 100% fitness and the second part of the run I felt great pain, but the end is fixed and I'm happy."

The results of the women were far from having expectations of them. Ashete bekere Dido led the top 10 Ethiopian woman runners. Dido clocked 2:40:22h, 17sec erlier than Hadish letay Negash who came in 2nd place. Zenebu haftu Abay came 3rd with 2:41:09h, 1sec before Bizuwork getahun Kasaye who finished fourth, and Aberash tesfaye Tolla in the 5th place resulting 2:41:37h.

Since 2004 the 3 first Israeli woman did not finish with a faster results than 3:00h. Today it happened when Ricky Salem, Or Carmeli and Ya'ara Zangi were first to cross the finish line with a quick outcome from 3:00h. After winning the long distance races national titles of 10,000m (track) and half marathon, the 26-year-old Salem completed the mission and she now holds the marathon prestigious title. Salem who seemed light-footedness during the whole race, was accompanied at certain points by coach Zehava Shmueli (the first Tiberia marathon winner in 1977) and sister Mazal Shalom, the only two woman participated at the first Tiberias marathon. After led the Israeli woman throughout the marathon and had a small margin over Carmeli. Crossing the finish line for Salem accompanied with a big smile as she finished and won in her first marathon ever, outcome 2:54:31h (12th place generally between women and 78 general). Salem said at the end: "I'm pleased with the result, although I have to strengthen my speed. I enjoyed the run and that's what matters most." Carmeli crossed the finish line after 2:57:08h (# 13 among women and 89 general), 16 seconds before Ya'ara Zangi (14 among women and 91 General) returned to the winners podium after winning the title two years ago.

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